Longest Lasting Dog Chews

Dogs, especially younger puppies, are notorious for chewing and quickly destroying toys, bones, and chews. If you've ever had one of these dogs, you have no doubt tried to find a product that lasts longer than a day. You've probably purchased several different ones only to find that they are no "tougher" than the previous. 

Today we are going to look at the top choices. Keep in mind that these chews might work for some dogs and not for others. This list is based on hundreds and thousands of different reviews for these products and narrowed down to the best ones.

I'm guessing that the type of chew you are looking for is one that will make your dog happy, keep him or her occupied, and last longer than a day or two. However, you don't want something that is so hard that it hurts your dog's teeth. On the flip side, you don't want something so soft that it is basically a treat that is gone in 15 seconds.

There are many different materials used in different types of chews and bones. Rawhides, bones, rubber toys, etc. In this guide we will be evaluating all different kinds.

More to come soon!